Monday, May 21, 2007

Throw the Perfect Pirate Birthday Party For Kids


In our new series, we'll pick out some of the hottest themes in birthday parties and spotlight the best resources we know for throwing the hippest shindig in town! Note we said hippest- not the most expensive. And most postings will include some type of cool FREEBIE or discount to help you along your merry party-planning way.

First up: PIRATES! We just couldn't wait for Pirates of the Caribbean 3 to hit the big screens. And we're not alone! Have you googled "pirate party" lately? Jolly Roger- it's a hot topic!

Use our tips and tricks to make your Pirate party shiver-me-timbers memorable, Arrrr!

INVITATIONS: Think custom printed Pirate invitations will break your treasure chest? Think again! Here are Paperlicious, we believe in stylish and affordable, maybe because we're moms too. Take a peek at our Pirate Party Invitations and coordinating easy sneezy fill-in Pirate thank you notes. You can get 12 custom printed invitations for just $13.95 and 12 coordinating thank you notes for $7.95. Turnaround time is lickety-split- orders ship usually 2 days after proof approval. Psst- Use code MOM10 at checkout for a 10% discount.

Looking for quick fill-ins? We like these at

DECORATIONS: Here's a few cost-effective fun ideas to decorate for your Pirate party...
*Have your older children draw/color pirate themed pictures on a large piece of rolled out paper. You can outline what they need to color in pencil or a black marker to get them started. (HOT TIP: Check out your local newspaper. Some will sell big roll remnants for just a few bucks!) Ideas include a pirates map, the Jolly Roger (skull & crossbones), pirate hat and feather, parrot, Black Pearl/Pirate Ship
*Jolly Roger (skull & crossbones flag)- Get an old white pillow case and cut it in half so you have two separate sides (2 flags). Dye the fabric black with a box of Rit, or color/paint it with a black marker (it doesn't have to be perfect- these are scurvy pirates, mate). Next get a white paint pen, or thin white paint brush and white paint, and draw the skull and crossbones outline in the middle of the flag. Voila. Jolly Roger. Hang one from your mailbox to alert all would-be pirate, and put the other on a stick in the back yard or use it as a table cover
*Get the birthday boy/girl their own pirate hat ($3.95) at; grab the pirate tattoos ($4.95 for 6 dozen) while you're at it for party favors
*Print out our handy skull and crossbones (FREEBIE ALERT!) on white sticker paper (Avery makes a full sheet) and cut out with scissors. When the kids first get there, let them color a square and put their name on it. Then stick it to their cup.
*Of course you can buy tons of pre-made decorations. We like the selection at Especially their vinyl treasure map place mats and "scene setter" paper rolls.
*If you really want to treat the birthday boy, get him his own "Captain" costume. For little biddies, this snazzy Captain Feathersword (from The Wiggles) costume at celebrateexpress is cute. Of course a hat, eye patch, purple scarf and red vest over blue pants and white shirt would work just as well if you ask us!

*We say pirates eat whatever children that age eat. Just put a "Pirate" or "Golden" in front of it Pirate Pizza. Yum. "Gold" (Chicken) Nuggets. Tasty! "Ship Wheel" Pretzel Sandwiches, Goldfish cracker, Hot Dog "Ships" get the picture!
*For drinks, you can do a fun non-alcoholic "Rum" punch by mixing together a fruit sorbet, oj, pineapple juice, grenadine, & lime juice; or serve a frosty ale (caffeine free root beer)

*You can make "treasure" filled cupcakes by pressing a piece of candy (something soft and/or chocolate) into the cupcake after it's baked, and icing over it. You can also make this a fun activity by making a whole cake and only using one piece of "treasure." Whomever gets the "treasure" filled piece, gets a larger treasure prize(tattoos, gold coins, their own eye patch).
*We LOVE these Pirates Of The Caribbean cake toppers from celebrateexpress. It's too cool! You get Will Turner, Jack Sparrow, a wheel, and 3 pieces of railing. You add the cake and icing.

*Design a backyard obstacle course where contestants walk the plank (use a piece of wood on the ground), swab the deck, "run" through the "ocean" (baby swimming pool), and dig up a "buried" treasure (sandbox). Divide into teams and fastest team wins.
*Create a treasure hunt. Make it quick and simple with a central theme- like search for missing (chocolate) gold coins to fill up the treasure chest. Then give them a simple rhyme like "If you are not on time your coin is mine!" the answer to which would be a clock. When they find the coin at the clock, give them the next clue. "If this coin could talk it would say 'shiver-me-timbers mate." (answer: ice chest or refrigerator). You get the picture. Maybe instead of coins they are searching for pieces to a treasure map and when it's put all together it shows where the treasure chest is hidden.

*Economy Candy is one of my favorite candy places in NYC. Thank goodness they now have a website where you can order online. Check out these cool gold coins. Perfect for party favors. This Gold Mine Bubble Gum is another good choice.
*Also the pirate tattoos as mentioned above at
*Paperlicious has Pirate Gift Favor Tags! And right now if you purchase two packages of invites (24 total) you get 10 FREE coordinating custom-printed gift tags.

Whew! We think that's a fast, fun, cost-effective Pirate party to wow your little swashbuckler.

PS Looking for something for a girl? (not that girls can't be pirates. Of course they can! Arrrr.) Mix in a little Mermaid fun too! Paperlicious has a combo invite too for boy girl twins that's a Pirate & Mermaid!

Have a Pirate party idea we missed?! Post a comment and let us know your best Pirate party idea too.

Ahoy mateys!

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