Saturday, October 18, 2008

Thanksgiving Dinner Party Ideas You'll Gobble Up!

Fall is here and it brings vibrant foliage, pumpkins, and preparation of a Thanksgiving Day feast for family and friends. While the preparation of such an event may seem overwhelming - no need to fret because Ms. Paperlicious' Bestie (as in friend) Madame Soiree is here with some delicious recipes and fabulous party ideas.

Are you looking for the perfect invitation to let people know the big feast this year will be hosted by you? Paperlicious is your source for custom and expert invitations. You can select from pilgrim hats, pumpkins, or fall leaves. Coordinate your invitations with custom dinner menus. Let us take care of the invitations and menus so you can concentrate on the celebration.

The invitations are printed and ready to be sent out. What else is on the list of to dos? Making your home even more inviting with touches of Thanksgiving and fall throughout. Order or make your own exquisite cornucopia bouquet from FTD. as the centerpiece of the dining table. Bring the outdoors in with the gorgeous colors of silk fall leaves scattered around your fall bouquet and appetizing food. Add some additional flare with these crafty Fall Buffet Table Pumpkins from Michael's craft store. The aromatic scent of Yankee Candles’ Home Sweet Home flowing will make your guests feel they are at home.

Recipes abound on the internet these days. Sites like,, and as great resources and you don't have to buy the whole cookbook! You can make a basic roasted turkey or if you are more adventurous, you can prepare a turducken. Did I get a big WHAT IS THAT? A turducken is chicken stuffed inside a duck which is then stuffed inside a turkey. It is fast becoming a more recognizable main dish for Thanksgiving Day meals. Add side dishes of dried cherry and Italian sausage stuffing, corn on the cob, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole or cranberry relish, you will have an unforgettable meal. Make sure you end the meal with a tasty dessert of pumpkin pie with toffee walnut topping.
Prepare some caramel apple cider or pop open a bottle of sparkling apple cider or apple-cranberry cider to accompany your dish.

Thanksgiving Day traditions range from everyone giving thanks for the people and blessing of the previous year to fighting over the wishbone. Which ever the tradition, each family will create their own unique memories.
After all the food and refreshments, what can you do to keep a stuffed bunch entertained? The most entertaining activity is being a couch spectator of the national Thanksgiving Day sport, FOOTBALL! For the little ones, keeping them entertained will not be difficult. Just hop on over to Disney's Family Fun website for a few ideas like these: Set up a kid’s fun table and have a variety of different activities such as making pilgrim napkin rings or turkey hats. You can make a colorful turkey caddy and print out some turkey coloring pages for the smaller kiddos. And of course there's the ever popluar handprint turkey! Only this one has a fancy background you print out to draw the turkey on.

Happy Thanksgiving! Hope these fun festive ideas help you prepare for a wonderful Thanksgiving celebration. gives thanks this year for our ever-growing list of wonderful customers. We sincerely appreciate your business and look forward to helping you with your next big shindig!