Sunday, November 30, 2008

Plan The Perfect Polka Dot Party

Our favorite Southern hostesses with the most-ess, Miss Stacy, is back with more fabulous ideas for your Polka Dot themed party! Party ideas that are the easiest to execute are the simple ones, which is why we love the Polka Dotted theme for your next children's birthday party.

If you’re dreaming of polka dots, is your dream come true! For a polka dots party theme, you can find them here in every color on invitations, thank you notes, favor tags and more. If seeing all those spots has you too dizzy to think about party plans, try these polka-licious ideas!

Dots can be made of scrapbook paper to match a color theme for your party. You can purchase all sizes and colors of polka dot wall decals at most home improvement stores. We like the ones on Welcome guests with a polka dot path (foot size) leading to the party area. Use paper lanterns to hang polka dots from the ceiling. Ask guests to arrive sporting their best dots or just create a special polka dot ensemble for the polka-princess (or prince). Go to any fabric store and choose a polka dot material to drape over tables for gifts, food, activities, etc. Make a large banner for your event with each letter printed on a separate circle (Example: H-A-P-P-Y on five large circles) Set up a bubble machine out of the way somewhere to spread polka dots all around.

This party menu is limitless. Decide what you’d like to serve and think circular. M&M’s add bright dots of color either placed around the party area in smaller bowls or on a buffet style food table. You can even custom order them with your own words at Make your own polka-dot veggie pizza (recipe on with a round crust and veggies cut into small circle shapes: baby carrots, grape or cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, olives, broccoli, etc. Make English muffin pizzas for the main dish with dots of cheese and pepperoni. You can find polka dot tableware from any party supplier. We love the variety and style on

All things cute seem to sport polka dots these days. Since polka dot has become synonymous with creativity, let your guests express some of their own with Do a Dot Art. Check out for a variety of kid friendly colors. These are just like old-school bingo dobbers…which raises another great polka dot activity: BINGO. Only call it DOTS-O. You can create your own to match party colors or customize the board to represent the party guests. The game show network’s Bingo show has a program online to print your own custom bingo boards. easy to follow and free to print. Just cut out some polka dots to use as covers for the spaces.

Frank Sinatra’s first big hit in 1940? Come on, anybody know? “Polka Dots and Moonbeams.” Several versions are available on Another oldie but goodie that kids will also love is Brian Hyland’s “Itsy Bitsy Teenie Weenie Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.” Check this one out on itunes. Or introduce the itty bitties at your party to polka music. Go to for a just-released great-priced CD of catchy kids polka tunes. Even if you’re not a polka fan, you have to admit, that hoppin' beat makes you want to dance! A New Jersey children and family entertainer, Ron Albanese aka Polka Dot has a Polka Dot Pals jingle on his site:

Just a few ideas to get your started with your polka dot themed party!

Check back soon for more party theme ideas or drop us a line at with the theme you'd like to see covered!