Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Green Is The New White- Green Bridal Shower Ideas for the Modern Bride

Lots of smart brides today want their big day to be remembered less for the white and more for the green choices they made. Green has never been so glam! Why not honor your friend’s decision and make her shower equally as respectful to the planet? Here are just a few simple ideas for an unforgettable green bridal shower.

Invitations: There is something classy and timeless about designing and sending a thoughtful invitation to the guests of a wedding shower in honor of the bride-to-be. Why rob your friend of this pleasure when you can do it without any guilt? With, you can satisfy the etiquette-conscious and the earth-conscious with one site. Everything at paperlicious is printed on 100% recycled fiber paper and made to order to fit any wedding shower theme or budget. Some of our favorites - the calla lilly bold invites and green vine invites - both are natural with a simple elegance.

To begin a green theme shower, you will need to kindly let your guests in on some of your ideas as to how they can take part. Being green is a personal choice. Use the wording of your invites to convey the importance of eco-friendliness to your guests without sounding bossy:

It’s time to shower Annie and Ben
With everything they need.
So as they walk through life together,
Their footprints will be green.

Let’s help Eve and Rob feather their nest
With gifts that give our world a rest

Food: Have a garden brunch or afternoon tea and ask each guest to bring her own place setting from her china or dining set. Each guest can share the story of her dishes and there will be no paper plates to toss in the trash.

Serve an iced green or white tea with blueberries and mint in a glass pitcher. Make cucumber tea sandwiches on a whole wheat bread. You can find both locally in almost any town. Green salad with local produce and herbs is another fresh menu option.

Decorate your table with small potted herbs that guests can take home for a favor.

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: Encourage guests to use their creativity to wrap or display their gift for the bride. If they need some ideas: fill a picnic basket with some of the couples’ dishes or a bottle of local/organic wine and some stemware of the registry. Buy sheets and open them to have the pillowcases monogrammed then wrap the sheet set inside the cases. You could ask guests to wrap with tea towels to stock up the bride and groom’s kitchen linens. Fill a basket with green household cleaning items. You get the idea- the point here is to nix the wrapping paper but still hide the surprise of the gift.

Have Fun: For an activity, why not decorate some kitchen towels for the bride so that when she uses them, she will think of all of her friends. Purchase some organic cotton towels. offers organic white tea towels that would make the perfect blank canvas to personalize. Use non-toxic paints and leftover fabric and trim scraps from friends who craft. If you want to try just one craft for everyone to work on together, look at the organic cotton aprons on

Remember to order your friend some 100% recycled fiber thank you notes from that coordinate with your shower theme. She’ll thank you for saving her the trouble and for saving our world!

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