Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Freedom to Party - Fourth Of July Party Ideas From Paperlicious

Want to be a part of the biggest birthday celebration in America this year? Get started on your Fourth of July party plans today and take advantage of 15% off your Independence Day stationery order from And there's something for every Fourth Day party style: from sparklers to stars and stripes to Old Glory herself. Or try a backyard barbeque, Texas-style if you like.

Paperlicious is here for you after the invitations are out, too. Try these patriotic party plans to turn your celebration into a Yankee Doodle Dandy.

If possible, choose a party location like a park or large backyard that provides plenty of space for picnicing and playing. Even better if it will provide a view of your local fireworks show later in the evening. You could even talk to a local business about using their parking lot for a 4th of July tailgate with food and activities up until the fireworks display.

You will have no trouble finding every manner of centerpiece, napkin, plate, banner, etc. to make your party sparkle. Try to keep your "destined-for-the-dump" decorations to a minimum so that America will have even more birthdays to celebrate in the future. Focus on the tables. Cover with an oversized white tablecloth that you can tie with a large red or blue bow around the legs. This looks great and keeps your cloth from being blown in the breeze. Run a red and blue streamer of crepe paper (used again later) down the center of the tables for a runner. Get an arrangement of red and white flowers and place them in a navy blue vase for the centerpiece.

Start your party in the late afternoon with a family bicycle parade or relay race. Play some feel-good All-American music like Springstein's "Born in the U.S.A." or "Independence Day" by Martina McBride. Decorate each bicycle with red and blue crepe paper streamers and miniature flags. Then mark out the course and they're off! Try some activities for the kids where the goal is just to make a lot of noise (much like fireworks). Get a roll of plastic packaging bubbles, unroll it, turn up the music and have a dance party as the bubbles all pop. Or play the classic "tie a balloon around your ankle" stomp game where everyone tries to pop everyone else's balloon while protecting their own. Ask a guitar-playing friend to come prepared to accompany a patriotic sing-a-long. Create your own Independence Day battle of the water balloon canons. Two people hold a beach towel and place a balloon in the center. They sling the balloon with the towel at an opposing team or target. This game will also cool you off after some of the other hotter ones.

Grilling is the answer for your dinner tonight. Check out the hundreds of great grilling recipes and ideas from or use your own family favorite. Remember to grill your vegetables, too, for a treat even the kids will love. Watermelon (leaves room for a seed-spitting contest) can be cut into balls or stars and served in a watermelon bowl like this one. Fresh squeezed lemonade will hit the spot on a hot summer day and can be served red (with strawberries or raspberries). Don't forget to homemade ice cream to serve just before or during fireworks.

Speaking of fireworks, if you plan to present your friends and family with a homemade display, check out the Council on Fireworks safety first to be sure you've covered all your bases. When the sun is going down, remember to have some bug spray handy for those All-American mosquitos that sometimes show up uninvited. Maybe even some ear plugs for those little ones who don't love the big booms. Help your guests enjoy the lights of the night by giving them a comfortable place to watch. Have large pillows and beach blankets available for families to sit together on and enjoy the view as you celebrate your freedom!