Sunday, June 7, 2009

Make Waves At The Best Pool Party Ever! Pool Party Ideas & Pool Party Invitations

Memorial Day has come again, welcoming the official start of the swimming season. That means it's time to start planning your summer pool party, and is here to help. Planning something for younger kids and their parents? Use a fish or aquarium theme and choose this super cute clownfish invite.

Boys are sure to love this gnarly surfboard-Dude, it's totally cool.

And for the socially savvy girls out there who just want to have fun with their friends, send out these cute beach blanket and bathing suit invites in bright summery shades of pink. Be sure to check out for even more summer fun options.

No matter the theme, everyone loves a pool party, and these simple tips will help you make a wave that your guests won't forget!

Safety first, folks. Especially with kids around water. Be sure to go over house rules with guests before the water fun begins and have a first aid kit on hand. If you can't have a certified lifeguard, it would be great if some parents could stick around to help out when you have to step inside for food and party supplies. Have sunscreen available around the pool and remind kids to re-apply. Offer water bottles and sports drinks in ice buckets or coolers to keep everyone hydrated.

Since the main focus of the party is the pool, it will take care of most of the entertainment for you. It's a good idea to have a couple party games planned as well. For older kids, buy a large inflatable floating animal, like a duck or a shark. We like this one from One kid gets onto the animal from outside the pool and immediately raises one arm above his or her head. The goal is to stay on the animal for eight seconds, like a bull rider in a rodeo. The challenge is that everyone else in the pool is creating waves and other commotion to knock the rider off (without making physical contact).
For a younger crowd, float two buckets in the center of a round innertube and divide kids into 2 teams. Now dump a large bag of ice cubes into the pool and see which team can get the most ice cubes into their respective buckets in a given amount of time.

Keep your menu kid friendly and simple. Have homemade whole fruit popsicles on hand. We're drooling over the recipes on this kids' cooking site. Try to avoid foods that require refrigeration or that contain milk products as they could upset kids' stomachs in the heat. Have a simple pasta salad and chips to go with grilled hot dogs or sandwiches.

For fun, set some waterproof disposable cameras around the pool and let kids take pictures that you can develop and send to them along with a thank you card from to match the invitations you chose.