Sunday, May 23, 2010

Leading Moms In Business Competition 2010

Last year, Paperlicious entered the Leading Moms In Business Competition over at Startup Nation and we ranked #34 out of the hundreds of entries! Woohoo!

Boy would we love to top that this year! Please help us by voting.

While you are there, browse the other stellar mom entries too! There are so many great moms that create amazing products and services to make our lives easier.

Here's a few of our faves:

Ah Goo Baby - Funny name, great product! Their Plush Pad is a savvy portable changing pad. Wish I had these when my girls were in diapers.

- What a great idea. Of course a mom had to come up with it.

Krazy Ketchup - Oh My Goodness. Anything that gets our kids to eat and enjoy veggies without a fight is GENIUS!

So go check it out. There's a reason why the saying goes "Necessity is the MOTHER of Invention!"

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