Sunday, July 18, 2010

Preparing for baby? Stock up on our gift tags for friends!

If you are expecting your first baby, chances are you are in full research mode. Must. Find. The. Best. The best maternity jeans, the best baby bottles, the best diaper bags, the best stroller, the best jog stroller... The list is endless!

And when you are about transform your home into babyland, it's really easy to forget (or maybe it's the hormones that make pregnant ladies forgetful. I can't remember) that all of your other friends are off living their lives too. Like having birthdays and getting married. And other things that require cards and gifts.

So our suggestion is to get a head start. Look at your list of birthdays, anniversaries, etc right now, and try to sort out all of your gift giving needs before you forget where you filed that darn list anyway.

Our new Square Gift Tags are perfect for this task! Custom printed with your special message, plus room to write the recipient's name, you can check the "buying a card" part off your list. Because in one fell swoop you'll have a whole package full of cards just waiting to be doled out to your happy friends, who will say "She's so thoughtful!"

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