Saturday, September 18, 2010

Halloween Monster Mash Invitations

We are just in love with our new Monster Mash Halloween Party Invitations. It's the perfect combination of silly and spooky. These colorful bold invitations feature 5 happy monsters with a equally colorful stripped background of red, purple, lime green, sky blue, and orange.

In fact, this Monster Mash Invitation would be perfect for as a little monster's birthday party invitation no matter when it is!

Ms Paperlicious loves these invites so much, I think we'll use them for our annual halloween party! We love Halloween around these parts. LOVE. The costumes, the candy, the crisp fall weather. Face painting, gooey cupcakes with spider rings, piñatas, silly tricks and even sillier goodies.

Bring it on Halloween! Martha Stewart may love Halloween, but Ms Paperlicious throws a pretty mean Halloween Party too. For the pre-k set.

Here are a few ideas to make your very own little guy/gal Monster Mash a roaring success...

If you go to you can create a fun video with your friends faces. Email it to your friends to remind them about your Halloween Party!

Obviously, there must be dancing. Oriental Trading has this Star Disco Light to add some pizzazz to your dance floor. And for the perfect monster music, just boogie on over to Itunes and download your favorite scary tunes. We searched "kids halloween music" and "Monster songs" and picked out a few choice ones. We also love tunes from our favorite shows like The Backyardigans, Phineas and Ferb, and bands like Laurie Berkner and SteveSongs. All kid friendly and dance party worthy!

If part of your Halloween tradition is decorating pumpkins, why not make them a monster theme this year so you can set them out at the party. Paint them bright colors, use googly eyes, pipe cleaners and pom poms to make them more monster like and crazy!

Piñatas are so much fun at a little kid's party. Adults sometimes look at them as a party cliche, but for a kid, it's still new and fun! We love this happy little monster from or make your own with these snappy instructions from

Hire a neighborhood teenager to paint the little monsters faces when they first arrive at the party. We like to have a "warm-up" activity too for the shy kids to take part in- maybe a decorate your own monster sugar cookie or make some homemade playdough and put out little balls of dough for kids to decorate as their monster. They can take these home at the end of the night.

We're definintely giving out Monster tattoos from Oriental Trading. And these inflatable mini-monster beach balls will be fun to toss about the party.

Your Halloween Monster Mash will need a few tasty treats.

We're going to do a few simple healthier snacks we know kids like, such as grapes, carrot sticks, and if it's a longer party, pizza. But we need to Monster it up a bit with these monster rice krispie treats. Ooh, and here's an idea- green jello squares with marshmallows inside to look like monster eyes. Or what about a build your own monster sandwich tray?

For drinks, a green monster party punch sounds perfectly simple. Sherbert, lime kool-aid (we're opting for the sugar free kind), fruit juice, club soda or sparkling water... done!

Do you know Bakerella? We love her. Not that we can duplicate a darn thing she does, but if we could, we'd totally make these little monster cake pops for our Monster Mash Halloween Party, but adapt them for colorful crazy monsters! Maybe we'll just do colorful cake pops and call it a day. I think we can handle that. Then we'll do colorful plates and napkins. It will be so bright and cheerful, the monsters won't know what hit 'em.

And I think we'll give out these little monster suckers from Oriental Trading as a cute party favor.

Monster Invitations?
check! Monster decor? check! Monster food? check! Monster fun? and double check!

If we had a legal department, they would probably make us say something like "use your best judgment on items mentioned here based on the age of your party guests. Not all items are appropriate for all ages."

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