Friday, November 19, 2010

Holiday Photo Tips from Paperlicious

Here are a few great tips for taking a sweet holiday photo for those Christmas Photo Cards and Holiday Photo Cards:

How to take a great photo:

Photo Tips & Guidelines:


Upload your photo in JPEG or JPG file format. Do this by clicking “Browse” next to the upload option, select the photo from your computer, and click “open” or "attach". You will know your photo is uploaded if you received a green “Upload Successful” bar at the top of your monitor AFTER you add the design to your cart. The file name will also appear in the item description during checkout.

If you only have a TIF or EPS file, please email it with your order number to Please do not upload a TIF or EPS file via the website. These files are extremely large and will have to be deleted immediately to avoid server issues.


We suggest a minimum resolution of 1200 x 1050 pixels and 300dpi. Only submit original images that HAVE NOT been cropped, edited, or altered in any way. Please note you cannot change a smaller 72 dpi photo to be 300dpi. The photo needs to be taken with these settings. This can be accomplished by adjusting the settings in your camera. Please see your camera's manual for how to do this.

We will change color photos to black and white or sepia if that option is selected. It is not necessary to do this yourself first. We will touch-up blemishes, marks, and red eye, some brightness adjustment (limited by the resolution of the image), and color saturation. We cannot do major scratch removal, remove unwanted objects, or airbrush the photo.

The quality of the final cards depends largely on the quality of the digital photo. The best photos are those taken as a high-resolution image in natural light with very little shadows. Shadows and dark spots can print out as grainy on card stock.

Please note that photos that may look good on a computer screen, may not look the same when printed. Computer screens are designed to display a max of 72dpi, so a photo taken with 72dpi will look good online, but not as sharp when printed. This is why we suggest 300 dpi- 300 "dots per inch" allows for a lot more saturation than 72.

Your photo will be printed directly on our matte 100% recycled fiber paper, which is a bright white smooth 80lb cover stock. We do not use photo paper. The final photo sizes vary depending on the design chosen. Our designer may need to crop the photo to make it fit properly. You will see this in your proof.

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