Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Owl Baby Showers Are IN!

Surely you have seen all of the adorable owl decor for babies lurking about. Like the owl themed bedding at dwell studios.

Or the insanely sweet Owl wall art decals at Etsy.

Ms. Paperlicious recently helped throw an Owl themed baby shower for her friend Katie over at Mish Mosh Design. Katie's Mish Mosh partner Kaitlin blogged about the event and boy, was it fun.

Ms. Paperlicious had the honor of creating a new invitation for the mom-to-be. She is doing an owl themed nursery, so we came up with these cutie Owl invitations. We also have them in pink now too! Have we mentioned how much we love being inspired by our friends?!

Make sure you check out Kaitlin's owl cake pops. They were one of my favorite things! Still amazed about how she made them so perfectly. So click on over to Mish Mosh Design and read all about our flannel diaper clothes we adorned with clever Owl appliques, the delicious fondue, incredible owl cake and more.

This baby shower was a real hoot!

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