Thursday, January 6, 2011

Green Tip Thursday - Where do I recycle that?

Have you ever wondered where you should recycle your fancy mercury containing light bulbs (compact flourescent lights or CFLs)? Ms. Paperlicious was wondering the same thing recently and boy was she happy to learn that Home Depot, Lowe's and Ikea will all take the bulbs. That's a lot easier than visiting the dump or an out-of-the-way recycling center.

What about batteries. Or pesticide containers? Or Christmas trees? Just visit, put in what you want to recycled plus the city and click "search" and voila! Your answer comes up. Sweet!

Here's another great tip to store in your brain: How to clean up a CFL if it breaks... Read about it here on Did you know you should NOT use your vaccuum? Ms. Paperlicious is glad she read up on the subject because the vacuum is the first thing she would grab.

Paperlicious uses only 100% recycled fiber paper from a mill that supports sustainable forestry. Check us out at for all of your custom invitations, photo cards, and green stationery needs!

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  1. what's funny here is that it's not Tuesday. It's Thursday. And yesterday was not Tuesday either, and Mom Biz Monday was actually Tuesday. Clearly I'm obsessed with Tuesdays.