Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Mom Biz Monday! Indestructibles Books for Baby

Ms. Paperlicious sometimes thinks she does it all- what with twins AND her own business. Then she remembered her friend Amy from Indestructibles. Amy has triplets folks, and a successful business. And if you have more than one young child, you know that sometimes 2 toddlers is like 4, which makes 3 toddlers like, gulp, 6!

Yet somehow she has managed to launch one of the most unique products out there for babies. You can find Indestructibles in places like Target! Target folks! She is my hero.

These books make great gifts for new moms and babies. Plus they will last for the next little bean too!

So check out our Mom Biz Monday spotlight as we marvel at what Amy has accomplished...

ABOUT (from their website):
Indestructibles™ was founded by a mother of triplets who quickly found that paper books, even "board books" are too easily turned to mush and can even be a choking hazard. Wishing to provide her children with a book that they could "read" as much as they wanted, she enlisted the help of Kaaren, who developed three working prototypes--three beautiful child-size picture books that were instant and enduring hits. In December 2009 the books were released by Workman Publishing.

Indestructibles™ introduces a revolutionary new baby book invented by a mother of triplets who wanted to share books with her babies, hassle-free. They are water-proof, tear-resistant, and baby-durable, making them the perfect books for babies who "read" with their little hands and mouths.

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