Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Party Tip Tuesday - Hurray for Hollywood!

We are loving our new Hollywood Party Invitations, and not just because of the upcoming Oscars, or the Golden Globes which just happened. We just think it's a fun fashionable party idea.

Throwing a Hollywood themed shindig for your next birthday party? Here's a few ideas to make sure it's an A-list gathering.

First, start with a stylish invitation - like these Night In Hollywood Party invites or these Walk Of Fame Hollywood Invitations. Paperlicious has a slew of custom invitations perfect for your fashionable fĂȘte.

If you are throwing a kid's party, roll out the red carpet, or red beach towels, or red paper for a fun walk up to your house. Get parents to stand "behind the rope" with their cameras and flash away like papparazzi when the kids enter the house.

Plan a fancy party drink named after the guest-of-honor. One of Ms. Papericious' favorites is club soda and sherbert or cranberry juice. Both taste like sweet tarts and look great. Use colored sugar for a truly fancy look. Edge the rim of the glass in lime juice, then dip it in a plate of sugar granules. Carefully pour in the drink. Top with a silly straw or umbrella.

How about a yummy Star Chocolate pop as a party favor? Here's a mold where you can make them yourself using melting chocolates from a craft store. Yum!

What about a quick limo ride around the town? If you are having a small party at home, you can rent a fancy stretch limousine (black only, of course!) and pile the kids in the car to drive them home, even.

Just a few fun tips to make your Hollywood Themed Party a hip hot gathering!

Ms. Paperlicious

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