Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Perfect Mother's Day Gift! Mom Business Cards

Surprise Mom this year with a perfectly unique (and useful) gift! Momager Calling Cards!

Or mom business cards, playdate cards, mommy cards, at home cards, calling cards- whatever you want to call them, they are fun and functional. Because Moms know that no matter what else happens- you will be busy, and you will forget things!

But with your handy Momager Calling Cards, those new friendships you forged on the playground/PTA/Library are much more likely to last if you actually trade your phone number!

Just for a fun, here's a list of a few other things every busy mom knows:

1- stuff. don't just put it down, put it up
2- dirty cars=happy kids, because they probably just had a snack. That chicken nugget smell will go away. eventually.
3-there will always be dishes
4-there will always be laundry
5- dishes and laundry don't complain when you don't pay them attention
6- and play dates are much more likely to happen if you actually get the other mom's information...

Every savvy mom needs a Mom Business Card! Like these stylish and adorable Springy Spring mommy cards.

Solidify your Soccer Mom Status with these Soccer Mom Playdate Cards:

Take a walk on the wild side with these cool animal print Momager Calling Cards:

Whatever your Mom-style, we have you covered with our exclusive Momager Calling Cards!

And they are on sale now for a limited time. Order by Thursday 4/28 for Mother's Day Delivery with priority mail shipping!

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