Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Green Tip: Easy Ways to Save Water

Water, water, everywhere.

Or not.

For most of us here in America, we turn on the water at will and use as much as we want without thinking about it running out. Ever.

But can you imagine not having clean water at all? Or having to walk three hours in dangerous terrain just for one drop?

That's the situation in many countries in Africa, and charity:water is trying to change it.

With the help of your donations, they are bringing wells and clean water to communities in Africa. Having clean water nearby means better health (it's hard to kill germs and grow crops without water), more economic opportunities (not to mention more time to pursue economic growth instead of walking for water!), and a safer environment for women and children (those walks are not exactly down a paved sidewalk in a nice neighborhood).

Can you imagine saying to your precious 8 year old child "honey, head out along that treacherous path and carry back 40 pounds of water on your little 55 pound body. Try not to get molested today by any men. See you three hours."

Let's hope that sounds like a horrific idea to you. Please help charity:water if you can.

Another way we can help those who don't have water is to conserve the water we are so blessed to have in abundance. Here's a few tips for conserving water that you can do right now, FOR FREE! And in a tight economy, a smaller water bill is a good thing too.

*Put a large bowl in your sink to catch the extra water from washing fruits or rinsing dishes without soap. Use this water to hydrate your house plants and garden
*Don't just pour "old" water that you are not going to drink down the drain. Water a plant with it.
*When washing dishes by hand, fill the sink and turn the water off.
*When you turn the water on, be mindful of how much you turn it on. For tasks like hand washing, a small stream works just as well as full blast.
*Teach your children to wet their hands, turn off the water and soap up. Then turn it on to rinse.
*Use the garbage disposal as little as possible. Compost vegetable food waste instead.
*Take shorter showers. Take it a step further and turn the water OFF while you soap up or wash your hair.
*Only run your washer and dishwasher when they are full
*Water your lawn in the mornings and evenings when it is cooler so more of it soaks in to the earth instead of evaporating with the heat of the sun

You can find other great tips here:

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