Thursday, August 18, 2011

What's Your Excuse? Go Back To School in style

We are super excited about our new Custom Excuse Notepads for back to school. They are printed on sturdy bright white paper in full color and are 15% OFF right now! Choose up to 4 different icons and children's names, plus add your family name, your signature, email and cell phone!

Never be left searching for a scrap of paper in your kitchen junk drawer again! We think thesse are a great idea too because if your child's teacher knows you always have the same excuse notes, then she knows what to look for.

We also have our new A Note From Mom notepads on sale too. These cool notes feature your custom name in the color of your choice, plus up to 4 child names and icons. Optional email and phone may be listed on the bottom. Scribble those permissions in style girl!

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