Thursday, January 5, 2012

Valentine's Day Cookie Swap Party ideas

So about four years before Paula Deen had her popular Holiday Cookie Swap Party special on the Food Network, my friend Stacy did a Valentine's Day Cookie Swap Party. In Georgia. I guess Paula must have heard how fantabulous it was through the peachvine (I made that up!).

Anyhow, we were inspired this year to do a fun Valentine's Day Cookie Swap Party invitation, mainly because we wish we had thrown a Christmas cookie swap party, since Ms Paperlicious can't bake to save her keester. Don't get me wrong, I lovvveee to mix up tasty batters and delicious frostings, but when it comes to the actual baking part of it, it's a total FAIL. I blame it on a mysterious convection oven and bad cookie sheets.

This would be a super cute invitation for a February bridal shower invitation, kids' Valentines birthday invitations or a sweet baby shower idea.

But if I had a Valentines cookie swap party, all of my baking troubles would be over, for a few days anyway!

And I will send them packing with a sweet little goodie bag using these round Valentine gift tags. Or maybe the rectangle Cookie Gift Tags?

Wait, does the host have to bring cookies to a cookie exchange party? Darn it all.

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