Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cake Pops fit for a Rock Star Princess

Ms. Bakerella is celebrating her four year cakepop-iversary. Have you ever made cake pops? They are the cutest addition to any party.

Last year Ms. Paperlicious made cake pops for her twins Rock star Princess birthday party. While I don't fancy myself a baker. At. All. It was fun to try. I found the cute little princess papers to add to the pops at Michaels. The kids sure seem to love them.

Their birthday is in early Spring, but they wanted a swimming party. SO... we rented a hotel room at the local Holiday Inn that has an indoor pool. you know, so we could party like rock stars. WOW was it a fun time for those kids. We did it after school one day so the hotel was not busy at all and we had the pool all to ourselves. Then we had snacks and cake in the hotel room. The closest they got to trashing the hotel room was jumping on the bed. A lot. That might have been their favorite part!

We chose the Rocker Princess Party Invitations. Although a these fun swim party invitations would have worked too.

Our party favors were beach pails filled with fun rock star gear like sunglasses, sparkly jewelry and lip gloss. I think I made some All Access Pass Laminates too.

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