Monday, June 10, 2013

Kid Coins Tech Coins Will Change Your Life, Mom

If your elementary age children are anything like mine, they are all about some digital playtime. Wii, Xbox, online games, computer games, I-Pods, television, movies... the list of things that can take up time on a sunny afternoon when they should be outside playing makes my eyeballs ache. If you have seen our Chore Punch Cards, you know I'm all about my kids learning to earn. So one day I made these handy Kid Tech Coins.

What is a Kid Coin? 

It's a 2 inch paper circle made out of card stock and printed with a pretty chevron pattern. In the center are the words "tech coin" and a fancy-schmancy 1 (that's Rosewood font for you font geeks).

How does it work? 

In our house, my children (who are 7 years old) have to read for 30 minutes to earn 1 coin, which they can exchange for 30 minutes of their chosen electronic addiction. No coin. No Watchy. And each child needs a coin. It's a per-eyeball thing, not a per-show thing. This has worked so well for us, that my kids will read Every. Chance. They. Get. And they know that if they want to sit on their tushies watching television, they have to earn a coin. Whining about it is futile! Woop.

I do limit their coin earning/usage some days and make them actually play with their toys (please don't call CPS on me). And if we are having family movie night, they get an exemption, which somehow has turned me into the best mom ever. Or at least that's what they say when I let them watch a flick without a coin. 

It usually goes like this, "Mom, we probably can't watch a movie, can we?" asks Biddy 1. "Sure, pick one out." I say. 
"Really? Without a coin? Are you sure?" says Biddy 2. 
"Yes, go ahead!" I say.
"You are the best mom ever!!" the Biddies chime in together, usually with big hugs and kisses, too. No lie.

Haha. Suckers.

How many coins are in a package? 

There are 18 coins. You can choose from Pink/Orange Chevron, Blue/Green Chevron, or a half and half mix of the two.

Can I use it with my husband?

Ummm...If you find a way to make that work, please let me know your strategy.

Check 'em out... Kid Tech Coins from Paperlicious!

Ms. Paperlicious

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