Thursday, December 12, 2013

How To Keep Track Of Allowance & Chores In Your Home

Nashville, TN – December 10, 2013 – IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Paperlicious LLC ( launched today their newest one-of-a-kind product, Custom Printed Chore Cards for Children. These handy cards will make completing chores and dolling out allowance a motivating experience for families.

In over 20 whimsical kid-friendly designs, Custom Printed Chore Punch Cards are a perfect way to get organized in the new year. Each card is custom printed printed with your child’s name. There are 24 circles on each card for keeping track of chores, either by punching a hole or stamping the card. It is up to you to decide how many hole punches a chore receives.

Having age-appropriate chores is an excellent start to developing a strong work ethic. Paperlicious’ exclusive Chore Cards for Children serve as a visual reminder and motivator for children, and they are a unique and effective new way to keep track of chores in your home. If you are wondering how to keep track of chores and allowance, here is a great chore system.

Paperlicious Owner Amy DeRouen Nelson has been using these Chore Cards with her own children for several years.

“My children see right away how close they are to receiving allowance. If there is something my kids want at the store, they will ask to step it up and do more chores to earn money faster. And it helps me too with housework! They are also learning the opportunity cost of spending their money on one purchase and not another. My children know firsthand the value of hard work!”

About Paperlicious:

Launched in New York City in 2005, paper junky and Paperlicious Owner Amy DeRouen Nelson wanted to parlay her success as an Artist Relations Manager and Publicist at Lava Records to her own company. While at the record label, Ms. Nelson would often spend her lunch hour at the nearby stationery store, drooling over the gorgeous papers and supplies. So naturally, an invitation company was the perfect fit!

Having worked with the likes of Kid Rock, matchbox 20, Sugar Ray and more, Ms. Nelson launched Paperlicious with the goal of bringing a hip edgy perspective to the world of custom printed invitations, birth announcements, social stationery and more.

Although Paperlicious has catered to such luminaries as Kid Rock, Pamela Anderson, and Nicollete Sheridan, Ms. Nelson takes the most joy from the hundreds of thousands of party invitations she has created for customer’s important life events.

Paperlicious has been recognized in the Top 40 of the Leading Moms in Business by Startup Nation. Paperlicious products have been featured in Pregnancy Magazine, Parent’s Magazine Goody Blog, as well as popular websites Industry Trade Mag Gifts & Decorative Accessories called Paperlicious a “fresh face” of the National Stationery Show.

Paperlicious products are available online at

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