Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Homerun Baseball Party Ideas

What do you get when you combine America’s Favorite pastime with America’s hippest stationery? A Grand Slam invite to your baseball party from! The look of this invite is as classic as the game itself with a simple red, white, and blue banner of baseballs and faint diamond in the background. Don’t forget the coordinating thank-you cards to send after the party.

With baseball season already in full swing, you could take them out to the ball game at a Major League, Minor League, or Triple A or local ball club. Then you’ve got your entertainment and food bases already covered.

Want to take a swing at hosting your own homemade baseball party instead? Go All American with red, white, and blue décor or use memorabilia of your favorite team with posters, jerseys, pennants, magazines, etc. Fill up clear vases with foil-covered chocolate baseballs from

Try this baseball diamond of activities for lots of laughs and fun. Have 1st base, 2nd base, 3rd base, and home plate activities laid out in the shape of an actual baseball field. At first base do some spring training activities to “get in shape” like jumping jacks, push ups, jogging in place, etc. At 2nd base have a dizzy bat race and immediately run to 3rd base where kids have to hit a target with a baseball (after they’ve spun around with the dizzy bats). You could hire a dunking booth here if you wanted to really go all out. At home let kids give their best “slide” and take a picture for replay. Have someone trying to tag them out and a parent umpire to call them safe! Kids can go around and around this course as long as you or they like. Other fun ideas are: a big league chewing gum bubble blowing contest or a sunflower seed spitting contest.

Food couldn’t be easier. Why not concession style with hot dogs, nachos, popcorn, and, or course peanuts and cracker jacks. Baseball cupcakes are super simple with white icing and red licorice for the laces.

Thank your guests for helping put this party down in the hall of fame with a meaningful favor kids are sure to keep. You can create a deck of baseball trading cards with one for each child who is at the party. Check out for details. You could make one card of each guest for himself or you can create a deck for each person with the entire “team.”

An idea for the MVP (birthday slugger) is to have a personalized bat for all of the guests to sign to commemorate the special occasion. has all the information you need.