Monday, May 11, 2009

Plan the perfect Soccer Party!

“Ole, ole, ole, ole…” Ms. Paperlicious here to get you geared up for your little champ’s soccer birthday! You’re sure to score with any of our hip soccer invites. They’ll work for boy or girl and you can choose ink colors to match your favorite team’s colors.

Get everyone in the game by asking them to wear their soccer best to the party. You could make shirts for each guest with their name on the back and the number of your child’s age (so, eighth birthday, everyone has a number 08 on back). That way everyone will be on the same team.

Play some great soccer tunes during all your festivities. FIFA’s soccer anthem, “Ole, ole, ole, ole,” is available on and The Hit Crew has an album “Soccer Party Music” with more than a dozen kicking soccer tunes. Check out

Activities for this party will most likely be best outside. So if the weather permits, meet at a local park or rent a soccer field. If your back yard allows, you can mark out your own field with some spray paint and cones for goals. Looking for more than just a traditional game of soccer to entertain your guests? Try having the kids lie on their backs with feet up in the air. Have two teams and a bucket of balls for each team. Kids pass the ball from one to another with their feet only. (depending on the age and skill level of your kids, you can have them space out for more of a challenge or just in a straight line). If the ball drops, it has to be passed again. Pass the balls all the way down to another empty bucket or to a goal. Everyone loves to take a swing at a piñata, but have you ever watched kids kick it open? Use a blindfold just like you would with a stick.

To make a soccer ball cake, use a 2 quart glass mixing bowl that is oven safe. Prepare one cake mix and bake in the greased mixing bowl. The cake will come out round on top. Ice with white and black and voila! Or if you are more ambitious, you can die and cut out rolled fondant in little octagons to cover the whole cake. Place the cake on a small square of astro turf for a great presentation. Be sure to take a picture of the birthday star pretending to kick the cake. For a party needing more substantial food, open a "concession stand" with easy and quick foods like pizza, pretzels, nachos, popcorn, and soft drinks.

Be sure to have a game ball available for all of the guests to autograph as a favor for the birthday boy/girl. Send the kids home with a personalized trophy from We love this poseable soccer figure and you could engrave it with a thanks for making this a kickin’ soccer celebration!