Sunday, July 5, 2009

Couples Shower Ideas: Showering the Mom and Dad-to-be

Many awesome dads are involved in every aspect of their partner's pregnancy: going to every appointment, talking to the tummy, painting the nursery, gaining those sympathy pounds...Why not involve them in the social celebration of welcoming their new little one? Although the thought of attending a baby shower appeals to very few men, Paperlicious can help you plan a couples baby shower to honor both mom and dad without scaring anyone away!

To make the men feel welcome and comfortable in this traditionally "girly" territory, you're going to have to convince them with your invitation that this isn't your typical "cute" get-together. Paperlicious offers everything from animals to airplanes and guitars to grills; so no matter the theme (or lack thereof), your hip invitation is 100% appealing to the men (and the environement). For a simple gathering of well-wishing friends, we love the red plaid and diaper pin from the punk rock invitation series.

Forget cute games like "identify this secret baby food" or "guess how big mom's belly really is" (does any pregnant mother enjoy that?). If games suit your group, here are a couple that go great with a co-ed crowd. How about a race? Get a couple of inexpensive umbrella strollers used at a thrift store or borrow a few from your other parent-friends. Divide into two teams (can be guys against girls or coed teams) and set up a short course to run with the stroller. Put a doll in the seat that must stay safely inside the stroller at all times. Be sure to use a stop watch and let the pregnant couple keep the time and decide the winners.

Play "some assembly required" and have couples work together to assemble common baby equipment. Make it fun with no directions or inadequate tools for more laughs and creativity.

Food brings people together. Your shower menu will set the tone for the event and provide an avenue through which your guests and friends can enjoy one another's company. A meal is probably the best option. You could have a casserole style buffet of feel-good foods or try a man-friendly back-yard barbeque.

Don't fuss too much about the decor as half of your guests will not notice it! Cover the main table and use a vintage baby toy for your centerpiece. We like the new and like-old toys on Your table will be simple and your centerpiece(s) will have guests reminiscing about their favorite old toys. If your purchase a new version of an old toy, you can then give it to the parents of honor.

Gifts are the same at a coed shower as at a girls only shower. The difference is that dad shares the fun of opening gifts. In fact, let him open them all if he likes. Mom will most likely have other showers for baby where she is the sole gift-opener. Here's a fabulous non-traditional idea. Give a group gift. Talk to your guests ahead of time and arrange to pay for the family's birth announcements once baby is born. Paperlicious offers so many choices, your friends will find just what they are looking for in an announcement as personal and special as their little one. Your thoughtfulness will touch their hearts and save them money at a very expensive time.