Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Paperlicious is Seeing Stripes! Zebra Print Baby Shower Ideas for your Wild Animal Themed Party

A typical day in the life of a mommy can satisfy anyone's desire for a walk on the wild side! Why not celebrate the wildly fabulous things about becoming a parent at your Zebra Stripes Animal Print Baby Shower?

Stripes are the new black and white, folks. One look at these zebra invitations from paperlicious and you can hear your guests complimenting your creativity for a baby shower that's out of the box and super chic. We invite you to host your own safari-inspired baby shower with Paperlicious and these easy suggestions.

As your zebra shower begins to take shape, remember that with paperlicious, the zebra's natural habitat stays safe. Invites are always printed on 100% recycled fiber papers. Make some more wild-animal friendly choices for your party with tableware from greenpartygoods.com. The real-looking print on these plates would make any zebra proud.

For an eye-catching treat you know everyone will love, go with classic m&m's. You can custom order them in any color to match your party theme. Mix the light blue or light pink with black. Pour them into several small candy dishes around the party area and viola! instant safari striped sweetness and a fun conversation starter.

Set tables by covering with a zebra print fabric. Choose a bright ribbon, about 3" wide and run it down the center of the table for a punch of color. Purchase a couple of children's books with a zebra theme to set up on the table and then give them to the new baby as his/her shower favor. We love the word games and alphabet fun in "A is for Zebra" by Shulman and Petrosino.

We LOVE these adorable zebra striped cookes from www.pinkcakebox.com. The good news about these adorable zebra stripe cookies is that you can absolutely make them yourself if you prefer. Purchase some pre-colored black fondant, roll it thin, and slice with a knife into irregular thin stripes. Then place them randomly on white-iced sugar cookies. By the way-did you know the technique used to fill in a cookie with icing is called "flooding." Here's a great tutorial on flooding cookies: www.cakejournal.com Now fill a tray for the food table to be served during the party or wrap them up with a bright ribbon as the favor. Another sweet idea is to dip strawberries or frozen bananas in white chocolate and then drizzle with dark chocolate for a tasty zebra striped confection.

Also check out beau-coup.com for an endless supply of personalized baby shower favors that your guests are sure to go wild about!

This may be one of our favorite new baby shower themes. It's clever, cute, and really quite simple to make your Zebra themed baby shower a wild success!

Visit www.paperlicious.com to get started!