Monday, August 10, 2009

Another Lap Around The Baby Block- Second Baby Shower Ideas

A new birth is always reason to celebrate. If you've been around the Baby block once or twice before, you know it's just as joyous to add number 2 or 3 or numbers 2 and 3 to the mix. You may not need as much gear as a first-timer (what a relief!) so you can focus less on the stuff of a baby and more on the fun. Paperlicious is here to help you give exactly what mom needs!

Start by talking to your mommy friend to see exactly what she is hoping to receive this time around and what she needs. Here are some ideas to help you start planning for the shower:
Freezer Fill Up- stock mom's freezer with meals for a month or more to give her a break in the kitchen and more time to herself and her baby. You could give a regular gift-giving shower and have a calendar available there for all mom's friends to sign up for a specific date to bring food (if you'd rather give fresh than frozen.)
Diaper Shower-very popular. Be sure to check with mom about what type of diapers she likes to use or if she needs any supplies for cloth diapering. The last thing new moms need is to have to run around exchanging packages of unwanted diaper brands. A diaper cake makes a great centerpiece and mom can take it home and use it up.
Mommy Celebration- Give mom pampering gifts for herself and help her celebrate what a great mom she is and will continue to be. Invite a massage therapist to give short chair or foot massages.
Baby Blessing-Great for mommies who are showered after Baby has arrived. This works well if the family decided not to learn the sex of the baby, also. Every guest offers a blessing for baby and family in the form of a letter, book, song, etc. These blessings make very special keepsakes for mom and baby.
Group Gifting- If mom has a larger item she did not receive (or need) with Baby #1, ask each guest ahead of time to contribute toward that gift and give it together. Maybe a double/jogger stroller or special activity center for new baby...
Double Up-Second time=twins? Mom is going to need more basics. Help supply her with another car seat, another high chair, another crib, etc. You can always add elements from the other shower ideas for twins, times two!
Baby Sprinkle-Give a sprinkling of baby necessities: bath soaps, rechargeable batteries for all those baby contraptions, board books, new bottle supplies and pacifiers, wipes and diapers, etc. You can follow the sprinkle theme throughout your shower with umbrella decor. Buy a cute parasol or umbrella, place it on the gift table (handle up), and place the gifts inside the umbrella. Paperlicious has some adorable umbrella invites for this baby sprinkling-even for twins! Be sure to serve drinks with a little umbrella on the side (remember a pregnant-friendly version).
We love these modmom baby shower umbrella napkins at

Bear Necessities-
If you aren't into the umbrella scene, try teddy bears. Look at these cuddly-cute invites to announce your "bear-necessities" shower. Teddy bears are an easy decor to follow, too. You could add some fun by asking each guest to bring her teddy bear from her own childhood. Or find a local hospital or charity that provides teddy bears or other lovies for chlidren who are sick, abandoned, etc. Have supplies at your shower available for each guest to make a teddy bear to give to a child in honor of Baby. Order an autograph teddy bear from the Rosemary Company and be sure to have every guest sign it as a keepsake. There are plenty of bear books to use on your tables for decorations. Stroll through the board book section at any bookstore for ideas or check a few out from your local library.

Second Baby Showers can be even more fun than the first! Remember to stick to the basics. Your thoughtful gifts will make mom's life simpler and give her more time to enjoy her new bundle. Don't forget to tuck a couple sets of thank-you cards into mom's gift to save her from having to buy them. Paperlicious makes thanks cards to coordinate with any invite or you can personalize them with mom's or baby's name.