Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Green Tip Tuesday- Eco Friendly School Lunches

We here at Paperlicious love, in particular, three specific words - paper, eco-friendly, and chocolate. We've been using 50% recycled fiber paper since our company started in 2005. Just last year we switched to Neenah Environment 100% Recycled Fiber Paper (woohoo!). Our printers are Energy Star rated and we recycle all our paper scraps and printer parts.

But it's not just eco-friendly paper we love. We are always on the look out for new ways to "green" our everyday lives too. So... we decided to start sharing some of our favorite ideas here with you.

Ms Paperlicious has two school age biddies now- ok, preschool, but they will eat lunch at school for the first time. The stress of which is absolutely unnerving- will they eat well? what if they can't get the zip lock bags open and hurl the all-natural whole grain cheese puffs across the room out of frustration? Wait- wouldn't it be great to have one container with all of their food in it and the teacher can just open the lid and voila, lunch time splendor!? Double wait- think of all the plastic bags our household will now be contributing to the land fill. Oy vey!

So we googled. And found the following stainless steel containers (so no worries about BPA or pthalates leeching into foods.) :
Lunch Bots- What a fun name. We like these because they have Bots with sections (for biddy #1, who doesn't like her food to touch. ever.) Not too shabby at around $15 each. You'll more than make-up for the cost by not having to purchase plastic bags.

Sigg- We know Sigg for their fun stainless steel water jugs, but now they have these boxes which are bright and cheery and scream "eat the broccoli inside!" A bit more expensive at around $25 for the smaller one, but they are a 1% for the planet member.

KidKonserve - Then there's this company, which has the whole shebang if you need a lunch bag, container, bottle, and sandwich wrap thingie (they call it a food kozy). The kit runs $42. You can order the items individually too. We love the BPA and pthalate free plastic food kozy for sandwiches in addition to the stainless steel containers and cotton lunch bag.

We haven't decided yet which stainless steel container we are going with, but we are excited about the options. Another reason this option is so appealing? Because the container comes back home, so we can see what the biddies did or did not consume.