Monday, January 31, 2011

Mom Biz Monday! Type A, Inc. Is A Super Hero For Your Business

Ms. Paperlicious used to work at a record label. With Kid Rock. Really, she did!

And she worked at said record label with a smart savvy business woman named Angela McLain, who has now started her own company, Type A, Inc.

Angela is one of of those people that, we think, was sort of born knowing everything. Do you have any friends like that? We're not talking about a know-it-all kind of attitude. She's humble and down to earth, but she just, well, knows. She knows how to solve almost any problem, soothe any awkward situation. Can you feel the love!?

Anyhow- she's also an amazing single mom (of course!) and has managed to make Type A, Inc. a success less than a year after start-up.

What is Type A, Inc.? From their website:

Type A is a full service, completely customizable, Virtual operations solution. We plug directly into your business to give it the attention it needs in the areas of finance, human resources, and management. We save you time and money and you get to focus on the areas of your business that you enjoy.

In other words, Type A, Inc. is who you want to have answer your bat signal in the sky. Your own personal super hero to straighten it all out. Whatever "it" is!

Check out Type A, Inc.:


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