Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Green Tip Thursday - Recycle for Rewards

Here at Paperlicious, we love recycling. That's why we used only 100% recycled fiber paper from a mill that supports sustainable forestry for all of our custom invitations and green stationery.

SO.... when Ms. Paperlicious was recently at a Rite Aid and noticed this fancy little kiosk outside the store, she went home and immediately googled said kiosk. Joy to behold! It was a can recycling center from greenopolis.com!

These cool little boxes allow you to recycled your aluminum cans and plastic bottles for rewards and even charitable donations. Double good!

Ms. Paperlicious popped over to their sign-up page and registered in about 1 minute. You can create a profile, even blog about your recycling. There's a search box where you can input your zip code and find your nearest box.

The rewards work on a point system for participation on the website plus what you recycle at the kiosks. Five thousand points gets you a $10 Amazon giftcard and we received 2011 points just for signing up. There's many local options with the Entertainment Book Rewards section where just 100 points will get you a 2-for-1 admission to a local theatre or a discount on a restaurant. There's also Fandango movie rewards or you can donate your points as dollars to a charity of your choice. Pretty amazing deal!

This is a fantastic project to do with small children to teach them about recycling. How fun will it be for them to see their recycling work in action when they pick their rewards!

LOVING this little kiosk, particularly because someone in our household is addicted to Mountain Dew.

You must, must, must check this out right now!

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